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Colour Mixing Workshop by Leo Plaw

"Colour fascinates us. We assume that colour is something that is fixed, but upon closer inspection our own perceptions account for most of the illusion of colour.

One of solutions to the complexity of colour is to work with a limited palette. The challenge therefore is to achieve as a greater range of colour expression with as small as possible choice of colours to mix from."

Leo will guide students through a number of exercises to help understand the "rules" mixing colour and perhaps more importantly how colour transitions in an artwork to create unity.

The final aim will be to execute an oil painting using the principles presented in the workshop.

leo plaw-hand.jpg

“Hands 13”, Leo Plaw, 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas

Fee: 250€ 

Early Bird: 225€


 Material List: 

To register please send us an EMAIL or leave a message on the CONTACT page

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