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Self-Portrait Painting
by Gregory Mortenson

March 17th – 20th


6pm - 9pm



9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 440€ (Early Bird: 395€)


In this 3 and half-day workshop by Gregory Mortenson, artists will create a self-portrait painting from life using a mirror. Following a logical step-by-step approach, participants will first create an accurate drawing in graphite on paper, and then paint in oils on linen canvas or panel. Gregory will guide artists with daily demonstrations and in-depth personal critiques through each stage of the process – from creating a strong likeness with accurate drawing, to color mixing, modeling form and finishing details. Cranial anatomy, materials, paint handling, and the physics of light will also be discussed throughout each session. Beginning and advanced artists are welcome. Gregory will work with each artist to meet individual goals.


To know more about Gregory Mortenson and see more paintings, you can go to his website at:

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