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Monochrome Portrait Workshop by Dale Zinkowski

In this 3-day workshop, students will use a limited palette of two, or three colors to achieve an under-painting that can stand on its own as a finished portrait or be used as a strong foundation to continue a full-color painting in the future. Through individual critiques and daily demonstrations, artists will learn to emphasize the beginning stages of a painting by addressing concepts of “blocking-in” and form modeling. Anatomy and structural points relating to the head will be discussed throughout the three days.


We will spend the first day on the foundation drawing (block-in), the next step will be a wipe-out (reductive method of wiping away the lights), the remainder of the time will be spent on the finishing pass, using a range of neutrals to push the underpainting toward a thoroughly elaborate work of art.


It is recommended that the student has had prior experience drawing the portrait.

Dale Zinkowski-photo.jpg

Day one:


Materials lecture (explanation of palette)


Demo of charcoal drawing


Charcoal drawing directly onto canvas or panel.  A finished drawing is the goal on the first day, so the second day can be devoted to the wipe-out and underpainting.  Drawing will be spray-fixed for the next days use


Day two:


Neutrals explained further in depth (different combinations that can be used)


Demo of wipe-out techniques


Students will tone their canvases with raw umber, and proceed with a wipe-out, the goal being to finish before lunch, in order for the painting to "set-up", and proceed with the finished pass.


Day three:


Students will use their range of neutrals to push their underpainting to a more finished stage.

Fee: 322 € 

Early Bird: 290 €


 Material List: 

To register for the Workshop please send us an EMAIL or leave a message on the CONTACT page

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