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by Andy Nabong

The course resumes on Sunday, September 8th 2024


This class will be held on Sunday mornings (9:30 am – 12:30 pm)

It is an introduction class for beginners who wish to learn drawing and painting methods and for advanced artists who want to hone their skills in the classical realist tradition.


Participants will be trained to see and understand the effects of light and shadow, which generates the illusion of form.  The essentials of measurement and proportion, block-in -- including the principles of light and dark -- will be emphasized in rendering values and forms.


At the outset, the course will focus on making copies of Charles Bargue lithographs consisting of master drawings ranging from simple to more advanced training. These 2D exercises will help the participants to learn to draw accurately. Once the artists have acquired the basic concepts of drawing, they then proceed to cast drawing and/or painting, applying what they have learned previously.


Afterwards, the course will entail the application of many of the fundamentals of good picture making, from the technical to the conceptual aspects of drawing and painting. Participants can choose from master copies, still life painting or portraiture as their semestral projects. Participants will have the chance to learn about materials, color mixing, medium and solvent usage, grounds, varnishing, and other issues relating to finishing their painting and other best painting practices.


The class size is limited to 10 participants to guarantee individual guidance and critique. Fees amount to

  • 55 Euros/class for an individual class

  • 50 Euros/class for 2 classes

  • 45 Euros/class for 3 or 4 classes

  • 40 Euros/class for more than 4 classes

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