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27 - 29 August

Tanvi Pathare

Workshop: " Plein Air Painting "

Tanvi Pathare - Teaching.jpg

"In this 3 day workshop, we will be learning the skill of Plein Air Painting with oil colours, in the beautiful city of Vienna. We will be discussing topics like composition, color mixing, perspective and paint application. The course involves a demonstration on landscape painting and regular critics on the student's work. All levels of students are welcome. We will be working with the sight-size method and learn to impressionistically paint

a landscape, learning to simplify nature."

Tanvi Pathare, born in Mumbai, India, showed a growing interest in the fine arts since a very early age. She graduated with honors from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art in Mumbai where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting. Following the allure of the realistic tradition of painting from nature, Tanvi attended The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy, graduating from the Painting Program in 2012. 

Tanvi began teaching at The Florence Academy of Art as a student, and is presently a principal instructor in the Intensive Drawing and Painting programs at The Florence Academy of Art. She works privately in her studio in Florence. 

Fee:  280€


27-29 August

from 9.30am to 4.30pm

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