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Alla Prima Still Life
by  Dale Zinkowski

July 5th – 8th

Friday --> 6pm - 9pm


Sa/Su/Mo --> 9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 360€ 

Early Bird: 324€

Materials List


A great still-life painting is more than just placing a few objects on a table and painting them as you see it. It is about creating a space through the careful arrangement of values, edges, color, and composition. It is a story, narrated by the artist, and while it may seem spontaneous and fresh in appearance, there are many calculated steps along the way. 

The key to any Alla Prima still-life painting is preparation. A proper setup, the right tools, and the right mindset are all that is required to complete a small painting in one session. In this workshop we will paint 3 paintings over the course of three and half days.

Various techniques, such as brush drawing, comparative measure, and sight-size will be discussed and practiced which will all aid in completing the task at hand. Through individual critiques and daily demonstrations Dale will work side by side with the participants to achieve their individual goals.

Composition, color, paint handling, and proper use of materials will all be discussed and explored. Using the direct method (wet-on-wet), participants will compose and paint a small still-life, from start to finish in one session.

Previous drawing and painting skills are a plus.



Dale Zinkowski attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he studied the Reilly method with both Marvin Mattelson and John F. Murray. He followed Murray to Tuscon, Arizona and focused his studies on the palettes, methods, and materials of artists such as Velazquez and Rembrandt. 

In 2012, he attended the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, where he pushed his understanding of traditional techniques and materials even further. He then returned to New York, completing the 4 year core program at Grand Central Atelier(GCA) studying under Jacob Collins. 


He currently teaches painting and drawing at the GCA, and teaches workshops across the United States and in Europe. To know more, go to his website at

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