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Realistic Botanical
Watercolour Painting
by Isabel Mischka

October 28th – 31st


6pm - 9pm



9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 320€ (Early Bird: 290€)

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In this course you will learn how to document botanical subjects in both drawing and painting, and capture their character in both scientific accuracy and aesthetic appeal. You will learn to actively look at subjects and see more than the initial assumption of appearance. Form and perspective will be studied in drawing, colour theory and mixing with watercolour. I'll show you the main watercolour techniques and how to achieve brilliant colours and realistic depth by layering washes, and how to create texture and detail with the “drybrush-technique”. Beginners will learn the basics of drawing and painting - the goal is to give you all the tools necessary to create beautiful botanical pieces on your own. Advanced artists will learn new tips and tricks, many of which I've been lucky enough to learn from some of the leading contemporary botanical artists, and get new ideas for creative composition.


Born in Austria, I always had a big fascination with both art and nature, spending my childhood with my hands deep in either paint or local ponds, catching frogs and snails or collecting flowers to press. I have a background in fine art and design as well as agriculture which led to my botanical interest. I had been working with watercolour for a few years before dipping my toe into botanical art for the first time and falling in love instantly. In 2020 I finished my diploma in botanical illustration at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and was awarded the James and Eve Bennett Trust Fund Award for my diploma project. I am now working as a botanical artist and instructor full time. My paintings range from expressive contemporary art to scientific illustrations, but I am always striving for a realistic depiction of the subject, intense colour and a maximum of details. Artistically I am often drawn to ordinary plants, trying to capture their subtle and sometimes hidden beauty, which is often overlooked in everyday life. I am a Fellow Member of the Society of Botanical Artists (since 2020) and a Member of the Vienna School of Botanical Illustration (since 2019).


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