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22 - 25 October

Patrick Byrnes

WORKSHOP: "Alla Prima Portraiture Painting"

In this three and half-day workshop, artists will learn to create alla prima portrait paintings that evince the beauty and humanity of the model with freshness, sensitivity and lively detail. Using a lucid step-by-step approach, participants will paint three portrait sketches of three different live models. Patrick will guide artists with daily demonstrations and in-depth personal critiques through each stage of the process – from creating a strong likeness with accurate drawing, to color mixing, modeling form and finishing details. Cranial anatomy, materials, paint handling, and the physics of light will also be discussed throughout each session. While this workshop is mainly geared towards painters with some previous experience in oils, artists who prefer to create portrait drawings in graphite or charcoal are also encouraged to participate.

patrick byrnes.jpg

Patrick was born in Busan, South Korea in 1984 and raised in La Grange, Illinois. He earned his undergraduate degree in Art History and English from the University of St Andrews in 2006.

Patrick moved to New York in 2010 to train under Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, Joshua LaRock, Scott Waddell, and Colleen Barry at Grand Central Atelier. Following the completion of his studies in 2014, he worked as an instructor of painting and drawing in the atelier’s full and part time programs. In 2017 Patrick relocated to Paris, France, where he now lives and works. His work is exhibited at galleries in New York and Massachusetts.


Fee: 380€  (Early Bird: 340€)


Fr                        6-9pm
Sat/Sun/Mon    9.30am - 4.30pm

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