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starting September 27th

Basic Digital Drawing Course

Angelo Baiocchi

In this workshop you will learn the basics of digital drawing, compared to the classical techniques.

We will go through some characteristics which are common to all drawing and painting programs, independently from your operating system and program of choice. Examples will be shown on a Windows Surface Tablet and we will mostly use freeware programs.


You will learn to plan and build up your illustration, work in an instinctive way and use all the advantages of the digital medium. We will explore the use of available brushes, working with layers, selections, work with shadows and lights.


Please be sure to let us know the kind of Tablet you will bring for the workshop and your installed Software. We cannot provide a tablet, so be sure to bring your own tablet with pen.


The class will be led by Angelo Baiocchi in English and German

and will take place on 4 Monday evenings from 6-9 pm, starting September 20.

To know more about Angelo and his work, please go to:


Fee: 200


Monday                        6-9pm

27. September and 4./11./18. October

please bring your own tablet!

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