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Anatomy for the Artist and Proportions of the human body by Daniel Friedemann Fuchs

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The three and half day workshop will be conducted by Daniel Friedemann Fuchs, and held at VATA on 27-30 November (Friday from 18-21 pm and Sat-Sun-Mon from 9:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 16:30). Class size will be from 8 to 12 participants. Teaching will be in German and English depending on the student’s needs. The workshop is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.


Along with lecture demonstrations the instructor works with students individually. The workshop will provide an in-depth study of human anatomy for artists. We will first study the human skeleton, starting with the upper and lower limbs, the torso, the head and then identifying the corresponding muscles. We will then apply this knowledge to the drawing of a male life model. The instructor will make drawings and sketches which will demonstrate the acquired knowledge. The workshop encourages individuality of expression through an exact and complete analysis of the basic elements of drawing: proportion, light and shade, anatomy, perspective, mass, planes, and design.

Bio: Daniel Friedemann, son of Prof. Ernst Fuchs a Painter sculptor and writer, was born in Vienna on 12.12.1950. After Highschool he visited the Werkkunstschule in Mannheim in 1967, and then started to study painting in Munich at the Academy of fine Arts. He continued this study in Vienna at the Akademie für angewandte Kunst (applied arts) under Professor Wolfgang Hutter till 1972, and then also sculpture under Prof. Wander Bertoni. Ever since he works as a painter and sculptor at his Studio in Vienna. Prompted by the existence of the “Kanon by Polyklet”, of which only the title is handed down to us, he developed the system by which all the proportions of the natural human body can be defined in relating numbers. In the 1980s & 1990s he studied the painting of the masters of Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque and copied a number of their works to deepen his understanding of their mastership. Mosaic is yet another branch of his artistic endeavors. To see more works of Daniel please visit his website at

Fee: The course covering will be 330 Euros for the 3.5 days. A 10% early-bird discount will be provided for those paying half the fee two weeks before the start of the course.

How to register: By sending an email to

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