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Tempera Grassa Portraiture
Daniel Friedemann Fuchs

January 26 - 30


6pm - 9pm



9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 430€ (Early Bird: 390€)

The portrait in egg tempera/oil mixed media

We will discover a fascinating painting technique that replaced the original, purely water based egg tempera in the late Renaissance. It allows for an efficient picture composition: 

On a tinted ground (the imprimatura), the corporeal is first developed in chiaroscuro and, in a second step, enlivened through colored glazes. The depth of color thus produced, even with a limited, historical palette, exceeds in intensity and delicacy the possibilities of a pure oil painting and creates a coherent harmony of colors.


A more detailed description of the painting technique and the material list can be found in the attached Word document and more information about the teacher at:

Mischtechnik Exempel.jpg
Viola Zichy.jpg
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