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Expressive Hands - Painting in Oils
by Leo Plaw

September 22nd – 25th

Friday --> 6pm - 9pm


Sat/Sun/Mon --> 9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 355€ (Early Bird: 320€)


After the human face, the hands have the highest density of nerve endings, hence our hands being the next most important and individual way to communicate and express ourselves. Thus the hands are the next most important feature of human anatomy to master in art.


Leo will guide you through a layered oil technique to paint hands for yourself. Although many people consider them a difficult subject to complete, he will show you a structured process to simplify and complete a hands "portrait".

About the Instructor:

Leo is an Australian self-taught artist in many creative fields. In 2003, Leo left Australia and settled in Europe. He has had studios in Brisbane, Sydney, London, Berlin and Vienna and his work has been exhibited internationally.

After a career in web development, he began immersing himself in oil painting and began an intensive period of self-guided learning and practice  to master traditional drawing and painting techniques.​ His artwork has been published in many books and magazines and resides in many private art collections.


You can see some of Leo’s work on

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