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starting September 14

"Portraiture and The Zorn Palette"

Course by Victoria von Kap-herr


"The objective of this course is the limited palette, Introducing the 4 colours and how they work, within tonal values and colour temperature. The focus will be mainly on the process of observation of the person and to blur the vision to abstract forms as if to recognise a likeness from afar.


The aim of this course is to develop the students understanding of technical skills to help resolve issues in painting. Self-confidence is achieved with technical skills and practice


Classes will be conducted with demonstrations, structural exercises and individual / group critiques"


Victoria von Kap-herr was born in Montreal, Canada, to German and Austrian parents.

Coming from a family with many artists, she began drawing even before she learned to walk.


In 1998, Victoria relocated to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and of one of her idols, painter John Singer Sargent. She lived in Italy for eight years, reinvigorating her Muse in a fresh way, and had the opportunity to study the masters on a first-hand basis with prominent classical painter Charles Cecil.


Many of Victoria’s clients have observed that Victoria uniquely succeeds at capturing the inner moods of those whom she paints, especially through the subtle depiction of eyes, countenance, posture, and the surrounding environment, all of which coalesce to tell the unique story of the subject.

Fee: 200


Tuesday                        6-9pm
26 October and 2, 9, 16 November

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