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starting October 20

"Figure Drawing"

Course by Florian Boschitsch Bron

The aim will be to give the students a clear strategy and techniques for mastering one of the biggest challenges in traditional art: figure drawing from life. The class will include demos on set-up and anatomical construction as well as some theory on drawing from observation and rendering light and form as it applies to the human figure, both in pencil and charcoal.


Florian Boschitsch Bron is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Vienna, Austria. A graduate from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator, before finally coming full circle back to traditional drawing and painting. He has been classically trained at both the Florence Academy of Art and the Barcelona Academy of Art, where he was also an instructor for two years. To know more about Florian, you can go to his website at

Fee: 230

Wednesday   6-9pm
20./27. October and 03./10. November

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