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“The success of a realistic painting does not depend merely on copying a subject.

I believe it needs to offer the textures, colors, and tones to one’s eye and become something more than just an illusion. Through an evolutionary process,         painting again becomes a part of nature itself.”




Jura Bedic completed his studies at The Florence Academy of Art in 2002, and became a principal instructor first in the Intensive Drawing Program, then in the Painting Program.  He has participated in group exhibitions in numerous galleries in the United States, as well as alumni exhibitions organized by the Academy in Germany and Florence.  Bedic is the winner of the 2001 Art Renewal Center International Scholarship Competition, and his work is featured in an article in American Artist’s “Drawing” Magazine, 2003, “Classical Approaches to the Teaching of Drawing.”

In 2007 he won “The best in Show” award in the F.A.A.’s 3rd Annual Alumni Exhibition. He continues to paint and teach in Florence, Italy.

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