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Cast Drawing and Painting by Andy Nabong


This class is for beginners and advance artist. Everyone works at their own pace. We will follow a classical approach on how to see and understand form. Teaching will be in English.
"With a drawing cast you have a colorless still standing model which makes it easier to observe the interaction of form and light. We will investigate how to approach an initial linear drawing (block-in) focusing on various methods to ensure accuracy in shape, proportion and gesture. We will then move to modeling form, 3-dimensional, as we discuss the fundamentals on how light works and how to render it onto a 2-dimensional surface. During this process, artists will learn to think sculptural by utilizing a conceptual understanding of how light falls on their cast. This will allow for a greater sense of depth and realism in their finished drawings/paintings."

Time: From 16 Jan, Sundays 9:30 - 12:30

Fees: 180 Euros for 4 classes

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