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Flower Painting
by Andy Nabong

June 14th – 16th


6pm - 9pm



9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 220€ 


This workshop focuses on flower painting in oils. Participating artists will learn to create an alla-prima floral painting from life that celebrates the beauty of flowers with freshness, sensitivity, and lively detail. Participants will paint a small bouquet of their own design using a direct painting method over the course of two and a half days. Andy will guide artists from every stage of the process with daily demonstrations and personal critiques.  Essential botany parts, materials, paint mixing, light and shadow patterns, values will also be discussed throughout each session. If weather permits we will paint in the garden.

​This class size is limited to 10 participants to guarantee individual guidance and critique.


Andy is a classical realist trained artist who studied art at the Arts Students League and Grand Central Academy, both in New York City, The Academy of Realist Art in Canada and Florence Academy of Art, Italy. He is a recipient of The Russian Imperial Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia internship program in 2019 and is listed at “Kunst in Bewegung” book, published by the Schönbrun palace in Vienna, Austria. He is a lifetime member of the Portrait Society of America and the Austrian Professional Association of Visual Artists.

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