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The Luminous Still Life -
by Devin Cecil-Wishing

December 1st – 4th, 2023

Friday -- 6pm - 9pm


Sat/Sun/Mon -- 9.30am - 4.30pm


Fee: 440€ (Early Bird: 400€)



One of the greatest and most exciting challenges for the representational painter is to mimic the luminous effects of light on the canvas.  In this 3.5-day workshop, instructor Devin Cecil-Wishing will take students through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and critiques, all specifically geared towards understanding how to create a convincing sense of light and luminosity in their paintings.


By using still life as a vehicle to discuss light, students will be guided step by step, over the course of several days, through the process of creating a beautifully luminous still life painting, all the way from the initial drawing, through to the final touches.  The instructor will do a live demo for each step of the process so that students can see, in real time, what the process looks like.  The workshop will also feature in depth lectures explaining various concepts related to light, which are crucial to understanding how to recreate the appearance of light in our paintings.


After each demo or lecture, students will work to create their own paintings and the instructor will move around the room giving one-on-one critiques to each student.  By keeping our subject matter relatively simple, students should be able to walk away with a finished painting at the end of the workshop.

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to learn more about Devin please visit his website:

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